Thursday, June 7, 2012

glassed-in rain

So, I've recently decided to try to make the best purchasing decisions I can make.  My criteria:

1. it has to be pretty but also necessary- something I will love to use for a long time
2. as sustainable as possible and/or made in the United States (or similar)

actually, I think that about covers it.  Perhaps this will only be slowly attainable at my current hourly wage, but I feel I've started to become sick of the wasteful and disposable aspects of college-age life.  Instead of throwing out (recycling, donating) the cheap, makeshift stuff at every move; I look forward to collecting a few necessary things I can use forever.  

I've been a tad doleful lately.  Maybe the reason for these cute-yet-dreary water pictures?

messy drinker

terrarium rain storm

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