Monday, February 21, 2011

being happy

listening to new music for the very first time
cooking with my best friend
whispers of trees on a calm day
art that shows me something i've never noticed before
going on a 3 mile bike ride to the store a half mile away
good, true company
singing nonsense songs and making up nonsense words
laughing with my sister about nothing and everything
kitty purrs
the sound of water
the first warm day after a long winter
reading a book i can't put down
walking with no destination
a field of green grass
seeing passion in another person

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Superbowl Sunday

I walked around for a really long time today.  I got up early and just walked.  I was surprised about the lack of people about today being that it is a sunny, beautiful 40 degrees!! But then I realized it's Superbowl Sunday. Of course. Silly me.  But it was nice.  Kind of a weird sort of calm that I don't normally find in this city.  Even jumping over puddles and trying not to do crazy stunts as I slip over ice and melting snow was kind of fun...or funny I guess.

Today was a fun picture day.  I meant to go to the rose garden.  I thought that would be an interesting feeling in the winter. I took some pictures there in the fall, and they turned out really interesting... almost eerie.  But when I went over there, there was no path to get into the garden.  If only I wore my huge boots!!  But it is in a nice area, so I took some sunny pictures! and pictures of ducks. lots and lots of ducks. 

The Sun!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Popular hang for both ducks and humans.

 He followed me everywhere :)  Zoom in on this if you can. He is beautiful.

Right now I am sitting at JP Licks uploading my pictures and about to do a lot of work on a paper.  But there is a couple next to me clearly in the first stages of meeting each other.  Asking a lot of questions which spark stories about trips to other countries their favorite music and art.  Sometimes meeting a person is one of the most fun stages of any relationship.  It's the part in a relationship where you start out not knowing anything about another person.  Anything can happen.  One time I went to a bar alone maybe about a month ago and met a group of people and had one of the best nights I've had since I moved here and knowing full well I'd never see these people again.  Meeting people is usually a time where you can be very genuine.  Start over.  Forget the ordinary.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

There is something about a sunset... it's just simply beautiful.  Especially after a long day.

Tomorrow will be 40 degrees and sunny!!!! I am so excited. I'm going to bed early tonight so I can wake up early tomorrow and enjoy the whole day.  Funny how 40 degrees seems so warm in February.